Welcome to the Amiga Christmas Tree website! This year's edition includes games and mods. Please feel free to download anything you like and contact me at arcadecammy at if you have something to add.

I would also like to thank FOL for hosting this website and anyone who made these great Christmas games for us to enjoy!

Also, check out this cool Christmas demo made in November 2021 for the Syntax demoparty! -

Shuffling Around The Christmas Tree
Christmas Games
Bean Vs The Animator - It's Snow Joke! *NEW
Super Delivery Boy - The Holiday Shift *NEW
Turbo Santa *NEW
Santa Rocks *NEW
Santa Run (Amiga AGA) *NEW
Father Christmas Vs Dinosaurs *NEW
Lumberjack Xmas
Max Knight Xmas Edition - (HDD)
Elves' Dreamland
Stomper - Christmas themed Pacman
Psycho Santa - (WHDLoad)
Santa's Xmas Caper - (WHDLoad)
All Terrain Racing Christmas Demo - (WHDLoad)
Fire & Ice Christmas Edition (Demo) - (WHDLoad)
Maria's Xmas Box - (WHDLoad)
Change It - Winter Session skin - (LHA)
Dynamite - Winter style - (Screenshot)
X-Mas Disaster
Santa Chaos
Iceburg Demo (1996)
Looking For Xmas (Requires RTG) - (LHA)
Christmas Breakdown - (LHA)
Snow Wars
Coco Banana Xmas Demo
Julgubbe - The Game
Plumpy - (Download Here)
Santa Escape - (ADF)
Sam & Max - Xmas Demo - (ADF)
Barney Bear Meets Santa Claus
Santa's Monster Shootout (OS4)
Cornelius Saves Christmas - (Screenshot)
Santa Montana - (Screenshot)
Dwarves in the Iceland - (LHA) - (Screenshot)
Xmas Syman
Xmas Glass Ball Factory - (LHA) - (Screenshot)
Sam and Max - (ZIP) - (Screenshot)
Christmas Boulderdash - (LHA)
Noel Q - Christmas themed peg game
Xmas Lemmings Demo (1991) - (WHDLoad)
Xmas Lemmings Demo (1992) - (WHDLoad)
Holiday Lemmings (1993) - (WHDLoad)
Holiday Lemmings (1994) - (WHDLoad)
The Xmas Game
Christmas Tree game for OS4
Santa Run (OS4 game made in 2017) - (LHA) - (Screenshot)
An Amiga Christmas Story
Santa and Rudolp
Galactic: The Xmas Edition - (WHDLoad)
Jens Breed 3 - Christmas Alien Breed 3D II Custom Level
Arctic Hunter - (LHA)
Grouch - (LHA)
Merry Amiga XMas 2017 - (ADF)
Gory Christmas
A Christmas Carol
Rody Noel - (WHDLoad)
Xmas Levels for Worms DC
Bad Santa
Xmas Levels for Diamond Caves II
Charlie Chimp II Christmas Demo
James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod
Christmas Mods
Christmas MOD Mixes
Pseudaxos Xmas Pack
Christmas Time 8ch Classic Waltz
XMas Theme 1994
Crazy Xmas Mod
Christmas Night
Psyber Christmas
Xmas Joy